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Advantages of Using Paper Straw

When consuming a beverage, people use a small pipe to allow the beverage into their mouths. A person has to place one end of straw inside a beverage and the other end on their lips when using a drinking straw. There are many different straws that come from different material in our markets today. The type of material that is used to make the drinking straw determines the category of the drinking straw. There are three main categories of drinking straws, paper drinking straws, stainless steel drinking straws, and plastic drinking straws. Around the globe, the usage of paper straws is increasing rapidly.

Using paper straw over a plastic straw is most people’s preference. Upcoming and old countries that produce papers straws are a lot nowadays. Paper straws are made from paper as the name suggests. All straws have one thing in common, that is the fact that they are a single use product in most countries. The term single use product means that straw is only used once by a single person and thrown away. You are prohibited from using plastic straws in most countries. The main reason why most countries prohibit the use of plastic straws is because of their effect on the environment. Urging their citizens to choose paper straws over plastic straws is what these countries do. Many advantages come along with using papers straws.

You avoid the risk of damage to the enamel when your kids use papers straws. Elderly people can use paper straws without affecting their dental health since the paper straws are soft. Effects of paper straws to the environment are null because they are made from trees that make the degradable. Paper straws are ideal for use in events since they come in different colors and shape. Eco friendly is the quality that paper straws have since they take less time to decompose. You do not have to sort your trash after an event since paper straws are biodegradable. People who use paper straws in their events throw all their trash to the dustbins without any worries.

When you buy paper straws in wholesale, you can get discounts from the suppliers. When paper straw finds its way to the ocean, it has less harmful effects to the marine life as compared to plastic straws. It is easy to find the raw material for companies that produce paper straws. The raw materials are readily available since they come from trees. Plastic straws are cheaper as compared to plastic straws since their raw materials are readily available. You cannot end up using a straw that someone else has used since after a single use, the papers straw gets damaged and soiled. Outlined above are some of the advantages of using papers straws.

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